Senator Weaver statement on budget vote

Peoria- State Senator Chuck Weaver (R-Peoria) released the following statement after voting no on Senate 32% tax hike on Illinois families along with an unbalanced budget:

“Once again, just as major progress was made at the negotiating table on real bipartisan solutions, Democrats walked away to run their own unbalanced budget bill. This budget plan is unbalanced, won’t reduce the massive bill backlog, and offers no reforms to fix the problems that keep putting us in this position. Years of tax hikes and overspending are what got us here, and this plan just continues that broken status quo. Our families are still being crushed by property taxes, causing our jobs and people to continue fleeing the state in droves, and now we are asking people to pay even more money into a broken system. This plan won’t stop our state’s slide, it will only accelerate it.”

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