Senator Weaver passes 5 common sense bills

Springfield – The Illinois Senate has unanimously passed five bills sponsored by State Sen. Chuck Weaver (R-Peoria) to help service men and women, improve healthcare, and fix issues with existing state laws.

“These bills show that good ideas can find wide bipartisan support in the General Assembly,” said Sen. Weaver. “This is part of my mission of putting together common-sense legislation that can help improve life for everyone who calls this state home.” 

Senate Bill 1524 helps members of the military and those employed by the military who are stationed in Illinois, but aren’t considered permanent residents.

“Our brave service men and women are the people who guard our freedom, these are the people we want to be equipped to protect us,” said Sen. Weaver. “This bill will allow them to have the same rights and privileges as other citizens in the concealed carry system.”

Senate Bill 1486 enables advanced practice nurses and physicians’ assistants to sign off on medical documentation that certifies that a student may be excused from school or not participate in a certain activity.

“Many of the smaller medical clinics that families rely on for primary care are staffed with physician assistants and advanced practice nurses,” said Sen. Weaver. “We shouldn’t be requiring families to have to use only specific and potentially more costly providers just to get a note for school. This will allow our taxpayers to save money.”

Senate Bill 1525 allows the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to deny healthcare licenses to applicants who have been convicted of a forcible felony.

Senate Bill 1527 cleans up a technical issue with the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board Act, and Senate Bill 1531 changes the requirements for the Illinois Realtor Licensing Board to help fill vacancies.

“These ideas show that even during difficult times, we can all work together when we can find common ground,” said Sen. Weaver.

All five bills are now headed to the Illinois House of Representatives.

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